About Us

Take Back Your Time’s (TBYT) mission is to give clients piece of mind (and extra hours in their day) by partnering with individuals and businesses providing them with short term organizational assistance. Rooted in values rich in community service and high standards of excellence, TBYT undertakes each engagement in the most professional and efficient manner. With these tenets in mind, Michele Able and Melissa Toner co-founded TBYT in October 2012.

Michele Able
Considered by her teams of volunteers as organized, dedicated and dependable, Michele thrives on helping others surpass their project expectations. A life-long Coloradan who attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, Michele is your go-to person when anything needs to be accomplished. From planning office opening events to arranging family vacations for large groups, Michele helps you take back your time and insures that clients are 100% satisfied.

Michele’s years of experience in the mortgage industry, religious communities and Girl Scouts of America proved her natural problem solving abilities and “out of the box” thinking and creativity. In her capacity as chair of the 2010 Gala for St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Church and School, Michele directed dozens of sub-committees such as acquisitions, raffle, print design and communications. Michele was the first to incorporate handheld technology which greatly improved silent auction bidding, resulting in the highest net profit since the Gala’s inception as sole fundraising event by all-volunteer committees.

Melissa Toner
With over 18 years of meeting and conference planning experience, Melissa is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder (B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis in marketing and tourism/recreation). As the chair of SVdP’s 2012 Gala, net profits exceeded all prior Galas ($225k) and were an increase of $17k from the previous year. As chair, Melissa incorporated innovative cellular technology to increase net profit and streamline coordination.

Melissa’s work credentials range from planning and implementing conferences of 7,000 attendees to organizing and managing all meetings, seminars, regional conferences, focus sessions, and “invitation-only” summits for policy and professional development with budgets of up to $400k. She has assisted third-party suppliers with selections for out-of-town meetings and negotiated contracts and prices to maintain budget parameters. Melissa has an excellent record of collaborating with colleagues, satisfying clients and keeping within budgets all with an ‘eagle eye’ attention to detail.

Michele and Melissa teamed up as chair and co-chair on many highly successful SVdP church and school events and still remain active in that community today.